Our Feature

  1. We guarantee that all translations are human translation, as well as the quality of each translation project reaches the highest levelof human translation.
  2. We guarantee that our translation price is the lowest price in high-quality human translation.
  3. We will, as always, securely store and manage all types of customer information, and do a good job of confidentiality.
  4. Alexander Translation guarantee the quality of every translation.
  5. Tailor-made translation services according to the specific requirements and budgets of customers (meet the special requirements of various budget customers at a lower price). Design a variety of translation solutions without exceeding the customer’s budget (such as adjusting the number of words that really need to be translated, as well as the time and quality required for translation). Compared with other well-known and competitive companies, we should be able to provide each customer with the most personal, customized services and care.
  6. Translation in numbers of languages ​​ (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Chinese, 35 languages in total)
  7. One of the services provided by Alexander Translation is called Translation + Editing (the translated text in some languages ​​can reach the publishing level). Publishing editing services in some languages ​​(special editing service, improving the quality of translations that have been translated by customers but are not very satisfactory)
  8. Certified Translations (Government Certified Translation in the United States, Canada, etc.)
  9. Once the quotation is made, we implement the principle of “only returning, no replenishing” (if the number of original words actually translated is less than the quote, we will refund the corresponding translation fee; if the number is actually translated is more than our quoted, we will never charge customer any more translation fees) to completely eliminate customer worries.

What do we promise?

  1. High quality (our unique Translation Process, translator performance review and continuous selection to control high quality)
  2. We provide human translation and guarantee to be the best in human translation
  3. We guarantee that our price is the lowest among high-quality human translations
  4. Confidentiality and security
  5. Submit on time and live up to your mission
  6. Easy and fast operation

The professional and trusted Alexander Translation has been providing high-quality translation services to clients worldwide since 1996.




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