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Certified Translation

Alexander Translation provides certified translation services in the United States and Canada (including federal and States/Provinces).

In our daily work and life, we often need certified translation services. Whether it is for immigration, court proceedings, or insurance, certified translation is currently an official translation service designated by the US and Canada.

Definitions and characteristics of certified translators and certified translators

The main difference between certified translation and non-certified translation is that the translators who perform the translation work are certified by the government or a specific institution for professional ethics. If we take British Columbia Province in Canada as an example, there are STIBC, CIC, ICBC and other certification authorities, and the translators certified by them are collectively referred to as certified translators.

Certified Translation

The translation languages ​​currently provided by Alexander Translation are English, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic etc. The prices of common languages ​​are as follows:

Price Schedule description

The above price standards are for documents, non-certified and non-technical translations.

If the client needs certified translation or technical translation, the price will basically increase by $ 0.02 / word; and because the table type translation has no standard word counting, whether it is a certified translation or other variable factors, the specific price may be different, please email or call us for further consultation.

There are currently no discounts on large orders for proofreading and editing services.

Discounts and surcharges

Orders over 10,000 words would have a large order discount of $ 0.01 / word.

Should the following file formats need to be translated, proofread and edited as the source file, due to the need to increase the labor time, a 5% additional fee may be added as appropriate: handwritten or faxed, PPT, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, HTML and another non- Electronic version file.

Target Language


Editing & Proofreading



Swedish, French, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish




English, French, German, Dutch, Korean




Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Hindi, Basque, Berber, Bhojpuri, Catalan, Cebuano, Dari, Sindhi, Sinhalese, Somali, SwahillTamil, Telugu, Yoruba




Turkish, Czech, Romanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Thai, Lao, Burmese, Vietanamese




On Budget Translation & Customized Services

Can provide you with brief translation services based on your special requirements and budget. This can greatly save your translation fee.

If the number of source words actually translated after the quotation is less than the current estimate, we will refund the difference; for the number of source words actually translated exceeds the current estimate, we will not charge additional translation fees and provide this part of the translation for free service.

As always, we will continue to charge no urgent fees for urgent orders.


This is more than translation! In order to guarantee high quality, we do more …

A very important reason for our great quality is the addition of the “Publish Editing” process.

As we all know, even some famous translators such as Lin Yutang, Bing Xin, Liang Shiqiu, and Ba Jin have to translate the works, which need to be sorted out by professional publishing editors, adjust the sentence structure, and then polished and published to the general readers. And the unique process “Publishing Editing” of Alexander Translation Company can bring you the best translation quality.

Our “Publishing Editing” process is a special process after high-quality translation, strict proofreading and review process (this is a truly professional editor, and the articles after this editing can reach the publication level. Rather than the usual “editing and typesetting” work within a translation company).

Our publishing editors have more than 5 years of working experience in publishing houses. They are professional English editors (persons whose native language is English), professional Chinese simplified and traditional Chinese editors (persons whose native language is Chinese).

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The professional and trusted Alexander Translation has been providing high-quality translation services to clients worldwide since 1996.




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