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First version of draft and editing suggestions

Good translations welcome suggestions from editors. Low level translators don’t like others to give advice. They are used to seeing advice as an attack on their own work. Professional translators usually share their work after completing the first draft, because the feedback can help them improve their work faster. It is best to let colleagues read the first draft regularly and then give some suggestions, or you can ask anyone who has professional knowledge in the industry. Afterwards, they can be allowed to transmit the revised documents in electronic form, because if suggestions are presented in person, the translator of the first draft may be a little bit inevitably resistant. For a translation company, it is important to have an environment in which teams provide translation advice to each other. For translators, getting improvement should be regarded as a goal, not means a lack of translation capabilities.

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Editing and retouching in translation service

The completion of the draft translation is only half of the project. You need to edit and polish the translated contents. Editing is a general review of what you want to say. As an editor, you may ask: Am I loyal to the original text? Have you expressed what you want your readers to experience? Is it flexible and reasonable?Retouching is more about fine-tuning sentences and paragraphs. When you read through, you will ask yourself: Can I save some text here? Is there a better way to express an idea? The key is to have enough time to complete the two steps of editing and retouching after the translation service.


Q: Do you provide certified translation services?

A: Yes, we provide various translation services, including immigration, legal, financial, insurance and other certified translations (such as STIBC, CIC, ICBC, etc.) We can translate documents from official documents to daily life, regardless of whether the translation is certified or not, we provide and guarantee high-quality translation services for every document we make.

Q: What kinds of translation services do you provide?

A: We have professional translators in the fields of marketing, finance, law, immigration, medicine, aviation, military industry, mining, real estate, etc.

Q: Are there any discounts on the price?

A: Compared with other translation companies on the market, our prices are 20% to 25% lower than the average. If the number of words in the translation source file exceeds 10,000 words, we will give customers a discount of $ 0.01 / word. For our loyal customers, they will also be provided a specific discount. In many cases, low prices are not necessarily a good thing; it is the job of enterprises to reduce costs and feed back the reduced costs to customers. Over the years, we have been working hard to ensure the highest translation quality while giving customers the low cost as much as possible.


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